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We are delighted to announce that registration for The Third International Conference of Mathematics and its Applications (TICMA2022) is open once again while it was unfortunately closed and the conference itself got postponed due to the spread of COVID-19.

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The Third International Conference of Mathematics and its Applications (TICMA2022) is held at College of Science, Salahaddin University-Erbil in collaboration with the European scientific researchers, CIMPA, RNTA and Iraqi Al-Khwarzmi Association.

The first conference was held in 2009 in collaboration with French scientific researchers and CIMPA and the second in 2019.

This conference aims at providing a meeting place for academics, researchers, and practitioners to exchange ideas and recent developments in the fields of pure, applied and educational mathematics. Also, this meeting will enable new doctoral researchers to exchange their philosophies with scientific specialists in their corresponding fields of study through round table discussions. On the other side, participants are encouraged to establish collaborations and join their efforts in order to advance the theory and practice in their own study.

The conference is a joint enterprise of Kurdistan, France, and Italy. It consists of a number of keynote speakers with invited and contributed oral presentations along with poster sessions. All researchers in computational physics, computational mathematics or related disciplines are cordially invited to attend this conference.

Aim & Scope:

All branch’s of Mathematics including ; Applied Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematical Physic, Applied Physics and Computer Science.


Salahaddin CIMPA